IA01: Hall of Fame/Shame

Posted: Sun, Aug 28
Due: Individualized Deadlines



In this assignment, you will document--through a sequence of images/screenshots or video recording--a positive (fame) or negative (shame) user experience along with a brief analysis. The overarching goal of this assignment is to get you to constantly think about and analyze the design of the constructed world as you go about your everyday life. Why are things built the way they are? If you experience a particularly seamless, effective, and/or enjoyable application--or just the opposite--ask yourself, why? People do not set out to design unusable system and yet, they are ubiquitous. Why?

Unlike other assignments in this class, due dates for this assignment are spread across the semester. We have selected a random set of students (4-5) to have a deadline each week. Due dates can be found in Canvas, here.

The primary deliverable is a Google Slide show comprised of two major parts:
  1. A series of images or video (e.g., screen recording, mobile video) clearly demonstrating the HoF/S interaction

  2. Using IxD principles learned in class, your own constructive opinions, or other sources like darkpatterns.org or Nielsen Norman Group, provide a brief critique of the interaction and a rationale for the HoF/S submission. Use annotations to help explain the problem.

You can use as many slides as you need to convey the problem; however, the final slide should contain a 1-2 paragraph summary description and analysis. Note: we will all be using/editing the same Slide Deck, so just append your HoF/S submission to this Google Slide deck.

Additional Requirements

  1. Video length. Outside of extreme circumstances, videos should be < 90 seconds.
  2. Personal example. Your submission must be a personal example and not one you found on a HoF/S website.
  3. High resolution. Do your best to record the submission in high resolution (e.g., 720p or 1080p) and/or use high resolution images.
  4. Text and accessibility. Beyond writing short, concise, and clear text, you should also annotate images/video to help make your points clear.

Recording and Editing Video

For recording video, you can use screen recorder software or any video camera (e.g., your smartphone). A video camera is useful to, for example, record your interactions with ATMs, parking garage ticket machines, etc. For screen recording on a Mac, I use Quicktime, which has a nice built-in screen recorder (link). On a PC, I like Camtasia Studio (link).

For editing, you can use Camtasia Studio, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere (free all UMD students via Terpware), or another tool of your choice.


Your Google Slide Show + paragraph description will be assessed based on how well you meet each of the above requirements. In addition, we will evaluate the novelty of your submission and the depth of your critique. Top HoF/S submissions will be selected by me or the TA to show in class; these submissions will earn extra credit.

You can download the rubric as an Excel file below:

We've also taken a screenshot of the rubric for your convenience. You can click on the image below to enlargeIA00-HallOfFameHallOfShame-GradingRubric_v0_MLM_cropped_650w.png