Interactive Prototypes I

Due: Tuesday, Dec 6 11:59PM

Assignment Overview

Now we code! In this assignment, you will take what you learned from designing the InVision mid-fi prototypes and the design critiques and begin implementing your Android-based prototype. All members of your team must write and contribute code. Commit history will be reviewed in github. It's up to you how you divide up the work.

This is the first of two Interactive Prototype assignments. In this assignment (TA06), there is a heavy emphasis on development and implementing iterated versions of your InVision prototypes. In the next assignment (TA07), you will iterate a bit on the prototype, run a more formal user test, and submit a final higher-production video.


  • By EOD on Tues, Nov 22, you must email a link to your group project's github to Matt (CC me).

  • In class on Thursday, Dec 1st, you must have at least one of your three tasks implemented. You will be paired with one (or more) team for a demo + critique session.

  • By EOD on Dec 6th, you must submit your deliverables

  • A link to your github code with at least one code commit from each team member

  • A lightly edited video that shows someone interacting with the Android prototype for each of the three tasks on a touchscreen device (Android or iPhone). Please provide sub-section titles to distinguish between each task and some simple voice over to explain interactions with your prototype. The interface should be clearly visible along with the user's hand interacting with the prototype. This video can be of similar quality to what you submit for your IA Android assignments (with the exception that we want some title overlays to distinguish tasks).

  • A scan of notes from Dec 1 in-class activity

You can download the rubric as an Excel file below:

We've also taken a screenshot of the rubric for your convenience. You can click on the image below to enlarge.