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Week 01

Lecture 01: Design Activity & Intro to Class

Topics: brainstorming/sketch activity, about me, about my research group the Makeability Lab and our HCI research, about the HCIL, about this class
Tuesday, 08/30/2016
PDF (18.2 MB) | PPTX (285 MB)

Lecture 02: What is HCI
Topics: overview of project pitch assignment, more on team projects, hall of fame/shame examples, definition of HCI, fields that intersect and/or comprise HCI, motivating the importance of HCI
Thursday, 09/01/2016
PDF (9.04 MB) | PPTX (412MB)

Week 02

Lecture 03: Project Pitch Critiques & HCI Design Processes

Topics: project pitch critiques, design thinking, brainstorming, design processes, iterative design, Stanford d.school design process, A/B tests
Tuesday, 09/06/2016
PDF (5.6 MB) | PPTX (70.3 MB)

Lecture 04: Interaction Design Principles I

Topics: properties of usable systems, interaction design principles including visibility, affordance, and feedback
Thursday, 09/08/2016
PDF (10.1 MB) | PPTX(86 MB)

Week 03

Lecture 05: Interaction Design Principles II

Topics: more on interaction design principles including mapping, constraint, and consistency
Tuesday, 09/13/2016
PDF (13.5 MB) | PPTX (269 MB)

Lecture 06: Formative Research I

Topics: Intro to formative user research methods, human subjects research & study ethics, informed consent, IRB, begin design ethnography and observation
Thursday, 09/20/2016
PDF (10.2 MB) | PPTX (318 MB)

Week 04

Lecture 07: Formative Research II

Topics: continue design ethnography and observation, qualitative analysis methods, affinity diagramming, qualitative coding & validation, computational content analysis, lab observation, and online observation
Thursday, 09/22/2016
PDF (11.7 MB) | PPTX (357 MB)

Lecture 08: In-Class Brainstorm

Topics: in-class activity related TA02
Thursday, 09/15/2016
PDF (10.68 MB) | PPTX (4.7 MB)

Week 05

Lecture 09: Formative Research III

Guest lecturer: Matt Mauriello
Topics: surveys, diary studies, photo elicitation studies, cultural probes, and empathy tools
Thursday, 09/27/2016
PDF (10.7 MB) | PPTX (31.6 MB)

Lecture 10: Formative Research IV

Guest lecturer: Matt Mauriello
Topics: interviews, design activity, and work in-class on TA02
Thursday, 09/29/2016
PDF (4.4 MB) | PPTX (19.8 MB)

Week 06

Lecture 11: Design Methods I

Topics: introduction to design methods, inspiration libraries, design remixing, mood boards, personas, and begin sketching
Thursday, 10/04/2016
PDF (15.4 MB) | PPTX (190 MB)

Lecture 12: Design Methods II

Topics: continue sketching, 10 plus 10 design/ideation method, and begin storyboards
Thursday, 10/06/2016
PDF (12.0 MB) | PPTX (37.0 MB)

Week 07

Lecture 13: Design Methods III

Topics: sketching stories, capturing time, and storyboarding
Thursday, 10/11/2016
PDF (7.9 MB) | PPTX (45.2 MB)

Lecture 14: TA03 Design Critiques

Topics: overview of design critiques, in-class design critiques for TA03
Thursday, 10/13/2016
PDF (2.9 MB) | PPTX (32.5 MB)

Week 08

Lecture 15: UI Graphic Design I: Visual Hierarchy and Layout

Topics: introduction to primary components of UI graphic design, intro to layout and visual hierarchy, how eyes process a webpage/document, alignment, whitespace, grids, rule-of-thirds, gestalt principles
Thursday, 10/18/2016
PDF (15.9 MB) | PPTX (185 MB)

Lecture 16: Prototyping

Topics: prototyping, benefits of prototyping, how to pursue prototyping, lo-fidelity vs. hi-fidelity prototypes, testing prototypes, paper prototypes, video prototypes, wizard-of-oz
Thursday, 10/20/2016
PDF (9.3 MB) | PPTX (537 MB)

Week 09

Lecture 17: UI Graphic Design II: Color

Topics: intro to color, additive vs. subtractive color, rgb vs. hsl, color palettes and schemes, color theory, color mood/temperature, where to get color palettes, color tips and tricks (e.g., single hue color palettes), things to watch out for
Thursday, 10/25/2016
PDF (21 MB) | PPTX (235 MB)

Lecture 18: Engineering Interfaces I

Topics: modern ui development environments, widgets and widget libraries, ui object hierarchy, in-class programming exercises, using event listeners
Thursday, 10/27/2016
PDF (4.7 MB) | PPTX (7.8 MB)

Week 10

Lecture 19: Prototyping II: Mid-Fi Prototypes & Engineering Interfaces II

Topics: in-class activity in building a mid-fi prototype with invision, procedural vs. event-based programming, event processing, window trees vs. ui object hierarchy, mouse event processing and keyboard event processing
Tuesday, 11/01/2016
PDF (5.1 MB) | PPTX (287 MB)

Lecture 20: Android I: Doodle Check-In

No slides

Week 11

Lecture 21: UI Graphic Design III: Typography and Text

Topics: introduction to typography, emotional design of type, using type to match personality, typography definitions, kerning, font weight, contrast, ascenders and descenders, serif vs. san-serif, legibility of fonts, spacing blocks of text
Tuesday, 11/08/2016
PDF (13.3 MB) | PPTX (97.6 MB)

Lecture 22: UI Graphic Design IV: Iconography

Topics: introduction to iconography, primary uses in ui, semiotics, icon consistency, icon png vs. svg, icon design guidelines, evaluating icons, mistakes in icon design
Tuesday, 11/10/2016
PDF (16.5 MB) | PPTX (58.8 MB)

Week 12

Lecture 23: TA05 Design Critiques

Topics: TA05 Design Critiques
Tuesday, 11/15/2016
PDF (1.8 MB) | PPTX (5.1 MB)

Lecture 24: Engineering Interfaces IV: UI Threads and Responsive Interfaces

Topics: ui threads, background threads, communicating with ui thread, unresponsive interfaces, drawing to offscreen bitmap
Tuesday, 11/17/2016
PDF (3.9 MB) | PPTX (113 MB)

Week 13

Lecture 25: Interaction Design III: Animation

Topics: intro to animation, animation roles in interaction design with examples, 12 principles of animation, two approaches for implementing animation
Tuesday, 11/22/2016
PDF (10.2 MB) | PPTX (406 MB)

Lecture 26: No Lecture - Thanksgiving Break

No Slides