Mid-Fi Prototypes

Due: Tuesday, Nov 15 11:59PM

Assignment Overview
In this assignment, you will implement the most promising of your two paper paper prototypes in a mid-fi, interactive prototyping tool called invision.
Your choice should be based on the results of your user testing and previous design critiques. Unlike with the paper prototypes, here you will begin playing and designing with higher-fidelity IxD features like color, icons, and animation.

Specifically, in this assignment, you will:
  • High(er)-fi graphic design screen creation. First create mid-to-high fidelity representations of your task screens using a drawing tool like PowerPoint, Keynote, Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Create interactivity. You will then add these screens to invision (and iterate as necessary) and hook them up to be interactive. Test them amongst your team. We will go over prototyping with invision in class but I recommend that you watch some tutorial videos as well (e.g., here's one on mobile transitions and gestures, here's another on using animated gifs rather than static jpegs/pngs).
  • Critique and test. You will then get feedback on your designs from your CMSC434 peers as well as perform an informal usability test with either Matt or me.

A Brief Timeline
  • On Thursday, Nov 10, you will come to class with at least one full task completedly implemented (i.e., associated screens designed, and interactions hooked up in invision). Note: you can iterate on this task after Nov 10th, which we fully expect that you will.

  • On Tuesday, Nov 15, you will come to class with all three tasks fully implemented. You will receive critiques from your classmates during in-class activities. At 11:59PM, you will submit a link to your invision app on Canvas along, a lightly edited video recording, and a brief writeup (see Deliverables).

  • Nov 16 - Nov 18, at least two of your teammates will conduct an informal usability test and design critique with either Matt or me. You must sign up here by 11:59PM on Nov 15.

  • A link to your mid-fi prototype on invision
  • A lightly edited video that shows someone interacting with the prototype for each of the three tasks on a touchscreen device (Android or iPhone). Please provide sub-section titles to distinguish between each task. The interface should be clearly visible along with the user's hand interacting with the prototype. You will use parts of this video for your final team assignment deliverable.
  • A scan of notes from Nov 15th in-class activity
  • A bullet-pointed list of plan changes that you would like to make for the actual Android implementation and a brief (one paragraph) argument for why you selected the prototype that you did for this assignment. This should be less than one page and should take you ~15-20 minutes to write.

You can download the rubric as an Excel file below:

We've also taken a screenshot of the rubric for your convenience. You can click on the image below to enlarge.