IA07: UI Design Analysis & Critiques

Due: Tues, 10/25, 11:59PM

Assignment Overview
What makes something feel beautiful, elegant, and well-designed? In this assignment, you will analyze the graphic design of three artifacts:
  1. A beautifully designed webpage of your choice;
  2. A beautifully designed mobile app of your choice; and
  3. A beautifully designed graphical artifact from the real-world (e.g., a t-shirt, a concert poster, a menu, a cereal box). Note: you should not search for an artifact online. This must be a physical artifact that you have seen in your own life. You will take one or more pictures to use for your analysis.

You will analyze and critique key graphic design properties, including: layout, color, typography, and iconography. I have provided an example critique of my webpage, which also serves as a template for you to follow (pptx, pdf). Here are some screenshots from the example critique.
Before You Begin
Before you begin, please read:

While written by Apple for iOS devices, the above pages provide a nice, quick overview of important graphic design concepts and also serve to introduce you to OS interface guidelines (here is Android's).

Learning Goals

A brief summary of this assignment's core learning goals:
  • Strengthen understanding of graphic design properties
  • Compel reflection on and analysis of the underlying graphic design primitives that result in feelings of beauty


Below, you'll find some top-scoring examples from previous semesters. Note that this assignment changes each semester so these are offered simply as examples.


Upload a PDF to Canvas.


We will evaluate your submission based on the depth of your analysis, your application of IxD and graphic design principles from class in your critiques, and the overall clarity and elegance of your submission.

You can download the rubric here (a screenshot below, which you can click to enlarge, is included for your convenience):